Team Building Venues in London

It’s always a good idea to get the team out of the office to boost motivation and get everyone feeling refreshed. London has so much to offer throughout the city and can help you forget about the 9-5 for a day, afternoon, or evening. Whether you want to get the team bonding over a sporting activity, all participating in something a little bit cultural, or you are hoping to find something more unusual, get in touch with our team of industry experts who will curate the perfect list of venues and ideas for your event.

Other London Venue types

Looking for new ways to help your team bond and become more productive? Team building is the best way to do it. Not only is team building important to more than 75% of employers, but it’s also a crucial part of workplace culture. Which is why we’ve compiled some team building ideas and venues to inspire your own event planning.

Learn more about different types of team events, what benefits they provide, and what goals they help achieve. Then, look at some of the best team building event venues London has to offer for your next offsite activity.

What is a team-building event?

A team-building event is any set of organized activities that aim to bring employees together over a positive shared experience.

What are the benefits of a team-building event?

The benefits of a team-building event are vast and include:

  • Up to 2.5-time increase in profits without adding staff, resources, or time.
  • Improving employee engagement. This leads to better work attendance scores, innovative solutions to problems, and more personal investment in project outcomes.
  • Creating more positive relationships in the workplace, which in turn makes a significant impact on employee wellbeing, happiness, and trust in the company.

3 Must-Know Team Building Event Types

Just-for-fun team building events

Recreational team building events focus on activities, such as board game nights or karaoke, that are all about simply having a good time. Having fun with coworkers promotes better heart health, improves communication, and boosts creativity. Choose just-for-fun events that involve games, crafts, or even a food or drink-based experience.

Competitive team building events

Competitive team building events involve any activity where the aim is to win. Separate employees into two or more different teams to compete for prizes or bragging rights. Choose activities such as sports, trivia, video game contests, obstacle courses, or even specially designed team-building games.

Educational team building events

Educational team building events involve classes, workshops, or seminars on new topics. The topics you choose can relate to your industry or support a shared passion your employees have. Italian cooking classes, YouTube sketch creation workshops, and spa product seminars are all some interesting examples of events where your team can bond over learning something new together.

How to Choose the Right Venue for Your Team Building Event

Use these reminders to plan a team-building event that will bring people closer together and leave a lasting impression on attendees:

  • Consider the tone and mood of the venue decor. Bright colors and life-size wall murals support creative brainstorming while moody palettes paired with comfy furniture create a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere.
  • Choose amenities that pair well with your team building event agenda. For example, any event that involves food will benefit from an event venue with kitchen access for prep and clean up.
  • Think about what accessibility requirements your team has. Local transportation options, parking availability, commute distance, and handicap accessibility should all be on your team building event venue checklist.
  • Find something memorable and unique. Look for something totally different from your office space. Seek out event venues with quirky architecture, unexpected amenities, or upscale interior designs.
  • Check to make sure your team building activities will work in the space. You may need a combination of indoor and outdoor spaces to achieve your event goals. Check to see if the venue has hosted similar activities in the past before booking, especially if you plan to bring in outside vendors.

Book your next team building event venue with Event Inc.

Event Inc. has the right spaces for you to fulfill your team building event strategy and support your chosen activities. Use our powerful search engine to find the best venue for your team building event type. Keep the above criteria in mind as you make your selection to boost event ROI and reap the long term rewards of team building.