Summer Party Venues in London

London is arguably the best city in the world when the sun is shining, and if it isn’t, we still have an unbeatable selection of summer party venues to choose from when the British weather decides not to play ball. Recreate a classic sports day and hire a venue with a great garden space, take your team to one of the cities many ‘beaches’, where you might not get the gorgeous ocean view, but noone will complain with a delicious cocktail in their hand or if it is views you desire then you can’t quite beat the London skyline from one of the capital’s rooftops. Keep it simple and hire an incredible pub or take it more upmarket at an exclusive West End hotel for a sleek, corporate feel. Whatever you are looking for, our industry experts can help you find the perfect space to keep the office talking until Christmas.

Other London Venue types

Planning a summer party in London? Whether you’re from the city or hosting abroad, this season is a magical time for events in the UK. While it might seem overwhelming at first, planning a summer party in London is easy once you have all your big-picture items squared away. We’ll go over all the party planning areas as well as some suggestions, tips, and ideas for how to make your get-together an absolute hit!

The Quick & Easy Guide to Planning a Summer Party in London

The following 3 categories cover the basics for party planning in London during the summer. Once you’ve made it through this list, all you have to do is handle the logistics.

The Best Time for a Summer Party in London

Here’s what you’ll need to consider if you’re looking to host an event in London between June and August:

  • London weather. You can expect daytime temperatures to peek around 23 c and nighttime temperatures lower to 13 c most weeks. Which means daytime events on the waterfront will appreciate a nice breeze while nighttime get-togethers might require a light jacket or a few portable heaters.
  • Summer holidays. Kids get out of school around the end of July and parents tend to get their holiday in pretty soon after. Keep this in mind when choosing a date.
  • Citywide events. If you have guests coming in from outside the city, make sure you consider the cost and difficulty of travel immediately before or after any of the dates on [this list](

5 Types of Venues Best for London Summer Parties

Your choice of venue should be determined by your event goals, budget, and audience. But if you want to take advantage of the season, here are some of the best venue types to help narrow down all your options:

  • Rooftops. Starry night views of London's beautiful skyline really can't be beaten. Here are some venues with the best ones .
  • Beach Clubs. Hire private villas or restaurants near any one of these amazing spots.
  • Activity Venues. Sporting ranges, outdoor theatres, and any type of themed festival are guaranteed crowd-pleasers. They also decide the event activities for you.
  • Themed Bars. Whether you choose a boozy afternoon garden party or a lively Hawaiin after-hours spot, themed bars as an easy solution for any summer party hosted in London.

The Best London Summer Party Themes & Activities

Not sure what kind of atmosphere you’d like to create? Start with a solid theme and make your choices based on that. These seasonally appropriate themes work well in London:

  • Karaoke. Summer is the best time to play hard and London has no shortage of places for your adventurous and talented guests to do just that .
  • Seasonal Group Class. Host a cooking or cocktail class featuring in-season produce, an outdoor fitness boot camp session, or even an instructor-led painting party.
  • Touring Motivational Speakers. Now that they have a bit more time, industry leaders from other countries may be taking their holiday in Europe. Reach out and see if your guests’ favourite speaker is interested in stopping by.
  • Garden Party. Make afternoon tea or a cocktail hour extra special by hosting it among fresh, blooming flowers.